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As we move from the light of summer to the variegated depths of autumn, we crave tactility in the form of thick shawls, chunky knits and mixing of natural textiles. Amet & Ladoue, Butapana and Klok are three international lines with a strong focus on texture. Designed in France and created in India, Amet & Ladoue is known for richly textured accessories with wildly eclectic sources of inspiration. Butapana is a Japanese knitwear line with an unpretentious focus on shape and form. Based in Denmark, Klok clothing is known for signature textured pieces made from fine cotton.

Gisela Scarf

Gisela Scarf by Amet & Ladoue

Tilda Scarf

Tilda Scarf by Amet & Ladoue

Slouchy Beret & Arm Warmers by Butapana

 Slouchy Beret & Arm Warmers by Butapana

Stripe Shawl by Butapana

Striped Shawl and Patchwork Skirt by Butapana

Planet Dress by Klok

 Planet Dress by Klok

detail of Planet Dress

 detail of Planet Dress by Klok

With wide-ranging textiles like cashmere, heavy weight linens, oversized cable knits, nubby boucles and practical pieces like plush cotton sweaters, there is something for everyone.

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