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Despite the rain, snow, ice and polar vortex, summer is still set to arrive: Flax Summer '19 is on its way! We made our way through New York City to the Flax showroom, a bright, cheery oasis of natural textiles, striking color palettes and lots of different variations of linen to explore the best Flax has to offer. Here is a little preview... 

Flax Showroom-NYC

Ranges of watery blues, earthy greens and rich hues of clay lent a grounded feel to the bright shocks of spring evident in Flax's assortment of mini collections. A simple and pretty wrap jacket, long pinafore-inspired dresses and fluid and loosely cut linen trousers commingle with easy and chic jumpsuits for a breezy and comfortable 2019. Take it all in...


Secure Blouse by Flax


Flax Summer 2019 features mini collections of natural, soft nautical shades of the Social Collection, the deep earthiness of Flax Urban and the bold vibrancy of the Sunshine Collection; we loved them all.

Flax jumpsuit, dress, jacket and scarf 2019 
Soft, subtle greys look cool, natural and designed for deep wardrobe rotation along with the colorful pops of lilac, pear and poppy.
Flax Sunshine 2019
The always friendly team at Flax showed us what is new in the modern silhouettes, classic design and natural loveliness that is linen. Stay tuned for Summer 2019 Flax...
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