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Nothing lasts: the timeless artistry of Spirithouse


 There is a postcard in our office from beloved brand Spirithouse that shares their definition of the concept of wabi-sabi: nothing lasts, nothing is finished, nothing is perfect.

After almost 20 years as a standalone line, designer Katrin Noon has announced the final collection for her LA-based company.

Established as its own entity in 2000, Spirithouse emerged as a counterpoint to Noon’s wildly successful partnership in Patina, her vintage-inspired millinery line sold alongside antiques and jewelry in a magical Los Angeles atelier.


Spirithouse editorial image

A Spirithouse image from Spring 2018.


Inspiration is everywhere

Noon’s apparel designs for Spirithouse have been influenced by everything from Northern California’s landscape to textiles from her global travels.

In our 2017 interview with her, designer Noon told us:

“I take in everything: people in airports, people on the street, concerts. Everywhere I go, I take inspiration. I try to be especially sensitive to what women want and need, as well. I try to educate myself about women and design realistically. I always have my eyes open. Every day, I drive in and out of L.A. and there is an amazing assortment of people. I am excited about what I see on my way in and out. I have always been inspired by seeing people. Really, it’s the women who inspire me.” (Read the full interview here.) 

Spirithouse is cherished for its collections that explore proportion, color, and texture within the spectrum from edginess to romance. In a 2007 feature in Ornament magazine, writer Jill A. DeDominicis said, “What sets Spirithouse designs apart are the details: the generous cut of her 'east/west' style blouses, the exaggerated collars on her jackets, the bunching of extra long sleeves on her t-shirts, the delicate sequined elements on her slips and underpinnings.”

Noon’s sensitivity to beautiful textiles is evident throughout Spirithouse’s seasonal collections, with this final spring collection reading like a Japanese garden at midnight.

Looking back through past collections, one finds echoes of designer Romeo Gigli, Fortuny, and early film stars of the nineteen-teens and -twenties.


 Spirithouse end of an era

Spirithouse pieces from past collections.



It’s not only the artistry of the product that has endeared the line to boutique buyers and individual customers alike, but Noon’s loyalty and solidarity to her contractors and employees. The pride and dedication of the production team is evident in the quality, and infused through the garments themselves.

She says, “I believe that making clothing is a labor of love. … I have been lucky over the many years of my career to work with incredibly talented, hard-hard-working individuals that have cared about their role in creating a garment for Spirithouse that may end up in your closet. It’s humbling.”


spirithouse spring 19

 A look from the final Spirithouse collection, based on the A-Slip.


Nothing lasts

We at Hello Boutique have been proud to carry Spirithouse for many years. We have shared the delight and admiration of so many of our customers who have incorporated the line into their personal wardrobe.


Nothing lasts, yet nothing is finished. A Spirithouse garment is a reminder to keep your eyes open for beauty, and your heart connected to all that you do.

View the final Spirithouse collection here.

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