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Hello Sustainability


 Today is the 49th annual celebration of Earth Day! We are so proud to be located in the city of Hamden, which is making environmental strides by implementing new bans on single use plastics and promoting energy efficiency city-wide.
We love the beauty of fashion, but we know the fashion industry is not always the most environmentally friendly. We are proud to offer a number of designer lines that feature high quality, natural fiber fabrics that are sustainable as well as stylish.

We wanted to let you know about the efforts we make behind the scenes to decrease our environmental impact.

To keep apparel items clean and dry during shipment, manufacturers package items in thin plastic packaging. Many items also come on “disposable” plastic hangers that we don’t use in our store.
We save all those plastic bags and bring them to a local collection point for recycling. In addition, we have donated *hundreds* of hangers to area thrift stores and charities. We continue to communicate and work with our vendors to try to decrease this excess material and switch to alternative, renewable materials.
In our office and break room, we recycle all our scrap paper, shipping materials, and durable food packaging as part of the municipal recycling program. Rather than single-use paper or plastic plates and utensils, we have ceramic dishes and stainless silverware available to our staff for meals and snacks. Lately, we are in the process of switching our cleaning products to plant-based, non-toxic products.
If you’ve visited our brick-and-mortar store, we hope you’ve appreciated our unique, custom-made fixtures. Our famous copper-piping fixtures, as well as many of our other display items, were repurposed when we moved from New Haven to our Hamden location. In the back of house, instead of buying all new office furnishings, we are using the former bank tellers’ counter as a big communal workspace!
We’ve been in business for over 40 years, and we look forward to making a positive impact locally and globally for many years to come.

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